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 O v e r   k u n s t,   c u l t u u r   e n   n a t u u r 

Promise for our future

On this website you will find short stories about what touches me in the world of art, nature and culture. ‬I also make images. Fiction and non-fiction. These are in fact inseparable and that’s why they are not shown apart from each other.

My texts and images show, so I hope, my involvement in the world of art and culture, in which I am active for over 30 years.‬ Nature is in this context the source of inspiration.‬‬ Art and culture are the basis of everything in society and are he ingrediënten making the world a better place. ‬They are a permanent source of inspiration. My device: creativity is the promise for our future.

Tembe Art Studio, Moengo, Surinam

My contribution

I want to contribute to innovations in the arts and culture world, with which I have 30 years of experience in different positions. 
What I am good at is creating new collaborations, searching for the right blueprint for existing or set up organizations and looking for the right profile. 

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I am working on the translation of this site in English. I apologize for not writing like a native speaker would do, but I am sure you will understand my text.



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