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About me

Off the road

My contribution

What I am good at is creating new collaborations, searching for the right blueprint for existing or set up organizations and looking for the right profile.
Especially where one needs help thinking about off-road paths there is a role for me.
Also outside the arts and culture world.

For more information about my background, click HERE for Linkedin.

Others about me

"From the moment of acquaintance to date, Kees has always inspired me in the world of culture and heritage. (He) has a clear vision and is a good speaker. In doing so he is able to move on to different target groups (entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, education) so that they can participate or innovate. "

Frans Schuitemaker
Director of Oad Bus B.V.

"He brings you through the country of art and culture in a completely own way. From surprising (sometimes naughty) and relevant angles. In understandable language, with a close eye on the connection with the audience."

Jurr van Dalen, Statenlid Province of Drente

"First you touch the imagination then you'll learn," said Disney. 
Kees can do that. "

Odette Reydon, Accounthouder museum networks, National Service for Cultural Heritage

"Kees is different from others in the cultural world. (He) is never obsessed with art, something that I regularly spot with directors from the cultural sector. He has a clear vision of the future of art, culture, nature and the institutions involved in this, and carries them out with daring. Even if that goes against the prevailing views. "

Dr. Kaj Morel, founder De Betekenisfabriek

"Kees is creative in looking for new opportunities and, if necessary, walking less obvious paths. He carries out the word, easily formulating clearly, articulating and always paying attention to the relevant stakeholders under his audience"

Prof. Dr. Henk G. Bijker

"Kees is not an art boy but a man who passes with passion and is able to pass that knowledge in comprehensible language to others. See or hear art, Kees introduces the artist and expresses his intentions. " 

Jan Marijnissen, founder and former party chairman of the Socialist Party