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Key to the future

Kamikaze, Ankara


The roller coaster which is shown above is part of the Luna Park Kamikaze in Ankara. Kamikaze, as you probably know, is the term which was used for suicide units of the Japanese army during World War II. Of course, riding in a roller can be death frightening, but on the other hand it's a strange name for something playful like a fairground. 

Creative skills

Experiencing playfulness as a life threatening phenomena. We can notice as well in the world of today, which is increasingly complex and in which securities disappear very quickly. Usually creative and playful ideas meet resistance in this world of accountability and risk management, while they may lead to new insights and solutions of long existing problems. 
The attractiveness of the world is partly dependent on the creative skills of man. We encounter creative expertise frequently in the world of the arts. 

Risk aversion

For the challenges that the today's world presents to us that expertise is very useful, but till now on it is used far too little. Why? Well, because creativity is interpreted as chaos, risk and waste of money. Kamikaze! Not in my opinion of course, but in that of many captains of industry of our time, which leak risk in order to keep their profits and salaries. Such risk aversion keeps the world locked. Talented and intelligent creative people have the key, but they are not allowed at the door. Not yet. 

Ben & Jerry's

Thinking about this question reminds me to a story about Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the founders of Ben and Jerry's, you know that icecream for sure with names like 'Tree Chocolatta!' 'New York Super Fudge Chunk' or 'The Tonight Dough'. 
Ice in conjunction with other sweets. All ingredients supplied by renewable producers. The forest berries come straight from small farmers in the jungle, the chocolate from the cocoa of sustainable plantations. Ice cream with a social message. 

The first central office of the Ben and Jerry’s company looked very different from usual, actually. You could take the elevator up, but had to slide playfully down. Employees were sent worldwide to discover new flavors. 
These hippies from the beginning - now elderly gentlemen - had it figured out like that. 

Although taken over by Unilever the creative impact and the social commitment of the company stand straight.  


The fact that a large company has embraced these unique and artistic entrepreneurs suggests that there may be hope. But we have to realize that the success of this new way of entrepreneurship had been proven yet before. Unilever itself never would have taken the risk the two men did and, moreover, never would have invented this inspiring industry. First creative people with a playful and artistic character had to clear the path and taken the risk.  

It is a good example of what I am trying to stress: creativity unlocks the world: a promise for the future! 

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December 2016