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 O v e r   k u n s t,   c u l t u u r   e n   n a t u u r 

Marionettes in the museum

Museo Civico in Castelbuono

In Castelbuono at Sicily you can visit a cute museum, Museo Civico, that manages a mixed collection. There is a program with activities and temporary exhibitions. At the moment a presentation is to be seen with marionettes, which are used for performing historical tales related to the collection of the museum. In this case it concerns the performance of the partly non-fictionstory of Ventimiglia, a Sicilian family of noblemen, who had an important influence at the island during eight centuries. A familystory with lots of anecdotes, plots, love and betrayal. Here the relation with the museum is very prominent, because the castle the museum is located in was built by the Ventimiglia family in the 14th century.

It is interesting and inspiring to see how modest museums in Italy as well keep their heads up and are organizing refreshing combinations of different disciplines, in this case collection and theatre. They experience support of their public, to whom art and culture form an intrinsic value. Support for the useful work of our museums from the general public is the most important ingredient for a flourishing climate in art and culture. 

I have taken a picture of the presentation with the marionettes of the Ventimigila story. See above. I have removed the construction which is necessary for keeping the beautiful puppets upright. Now it is like they are visitors of the museum...

(May 1st 2016)